Update for the week of September 3rd and 7th

Dear CSA members,

Happy Labor Day!

Some of us at Belmont Acres spent the morning picking crops for tomorrow pickup to celebrate Labor Day. We had to dodge a few showers, but are quite happy we got more rain.

This week we are celebrating summer with a variety of peppers along with tomatillos. Roast them or make salsa (http://www.belmontacresfarm.com/recipes/tomatillos/). The jalapenos and anchos are hot! Explore some recipes and share them with us. We are also adding in a different variety of eggplant called Rosa Bianca. Most peopled are used to the purple eggplant. Rosia Bianca has fewer seeds, so it much less bitter. It is worth trying out on the grill. Just cover with a little oil sprinkle some salt and pepper. When done, drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some grated parmesan cheese. You can use the zucchini/summer squash this way too.

Over the next few weeks, we will be moving toward fall crops in shares. For example, next week we will have delicata squash in your basket. Live for the moment, we will continue will summer crops as long nature provides them! If don’t have time to cook all the vegetables, remember you can freeze many of them. For examples, clean green beans, then place them in boiling water for three minutes. Place in ice water to stop the cooking, then drain and place in zip lock freezer bags. You will be happy you have them in December or January.