Update for the week of August 27th and 31st

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

There is no doubt about it, fall is near. School is starting (Abby started this week), the chimney swifts have fledged, the chickens are laying later into the day and the winter squash harvest has begun. We have picked the delicata squash and we will pick butternut and acorn squash over the next two weeks. We are much happier with the yields this year, so get ready for them next month!

Tomatoes continue to yield and should continue for at least the next few weeks. The cucumbers have given up and the next crop is struggling with downy mildew, so it is up in the air whether or not we will have anymore for the season. Beans are producing well and we will have several new varieties that will be ready later in September. Lima beans pods are filling and should be ready by mid September.