About Us

Belmont Acres Farm is located at the Richardson Farm Historic District in Belmont Massachusetts. Belmont Acres is run by Mike and Hermik Chase who live right down the road from the farm in Belmont. Mike and HermikMike has a PhD in Environmental Biology and in addition to running the farm, works at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as a bioinformaticist. Hermik has a Masters in Public Health and works for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Goats need attention too

Their daughter goes to middle school in Belmont and works on the farm. She can be found in the stand, tending animals, in the fields and gives very detailed tours about the farm.

We are concerned how our food is grown, how it is distributed and how we eat as a nation. Healthy food is a priority in our life and we are committed to farming as a way of life in a busy urban setting that is often at odds with farming as a lifestyle. At Belmont Acres, we take an integrated approach to sustainable agriculture; we are dedicated custodians of the land and the life it supports. We believe in locally sourced, sustainable, fresh food (for recipes, click here!), and strong communities built around it.

Growing Practices

At Belmont Acres Farm, we adhere to organic methods, but we are not organically certified.  We believe that when you know your farmer that you will move beyond the regulatory dichotomy of conventional and organic definitions and reconnect with how your food is grown.  What makes sense to us is to allow nature to show us the way, integrate technology in a responsible and economically efficient manner.

Beyond growing food, we’re trying to grow communities! We are working constantly to build relationships with organizations, businesses and individuals in the area. We are actively working with school systems and believe that change begins with our youth.  If you’re interested in getting involved on the farm, or have an idea about how we might get involved with you, email us!


For photos of the farm, click here!