Update for the week of September 10th and 14th

Dear CSA members,

This week’s share is a blend of a few summer crops and a few fall crops. Delicata squash, leeks and potatoes along with tomatoes, beans, green peppers and eggplant will be in your basket. Delicata squash can be stored for a few months and will improve a bit with age, so you can keep them in a cool place if you don’t want to use them for a while.

The next few days are expected to be summer like, but the temperatures will cool back down again by Friday. We have the basic ingredients in your share for leek and potato soup, just in time for those cool evenings.

We still are harvesting more potatoes and winter squash from the fields. It looks like we will have quite a good supply of butternut and acorn squash! Pumpkins are coloring up nicely. Our tomato production is slowing down, so enjoy them while you can!