Nature doesn’t waste anything.

On Monday December 28th we heard the scream of a rabbit as a Red Tailed hawk snatched at it in a thicket of sage. It is an unsettling sound and was not easy to explain the scene to my 10 year old daughter, Narineh. The hawk was young and not concerned much about our presence, but the ducks were concerned about the hawk and immediately sought shelter in their coop. The rabbit was too big for the hawk to fly off with, but it did manage to drag it’s prey deeper into the field several yards.
Once Narineh worked through her immediate shock, she began to take some pictures with her camera. The rabbit was too big for the hawk to eat in one sitting, but returned each day until December 30th. There was not much left of it, but on the morning of January 1st, it was entirely gone. Coyote tracks were at the scene. Nature doesn’t waste anything