Update for August 13th

Dear CSA members,

This is getting ridiculous, we have had to put up with sparrows, raccoons, rabbits, woodchucks and now coyotes. Last year almost our entire crop of watermelon was eaten by coyotes. The other day we noticed coyote tracks in the field and a cleanly eaten watermelon next to the driveway. We picked most of the watermelon immediately this time, so this year we have enough to go into shares. We wish there was a way to charge these animals for a share!

We continue to harvest potatoes from the field, last week we gathered over 300lbs. We still have well over 1000 feet to harvest, so we expect to have an ample supply throughout the fall. Last year we dug them by hand, this year we are using a tractor with a shovel attachment on a three point hitch. The farm tractor is so old that there is no down pressure on the hydraulic system. So we put Abby, Hadley, Narineh and anybody else we can find on the back of the hitch and drive over the hills, the potatoes come right out! Everybody has been having lots of fun with this method because it combines work with a ride.

The fall planting in nearly complete, we are down to succession planting lettuce, arugula and radishes that will continue into the fall. Garlic is the last and goes in early November. Now we only have to weed and harvest!