CSA Update for July 2nd and 6th

First it was the rain and now it is really HOT and muggy. These are the days we question our sanity about being farmers!

The warm weather and wet fields are good for many crops, but also favor the weeds. Much effort is getting put into trying to keep the weeds down on the farm this year. One reason we planted the mustard (which got harrowed over the weekend) was to smother weeds. It seems to be successful and was quite pretty. We are sad to see it gone, but will plant it again on another part of the farm soon. The vetch near the exit of the farm was mowed down, so we can get the field ready for our fall crops. The vetch keeps down weeds too and adds nitrogen to the soil.

Snap peas are done for the season, but shelling peas will make an appearance in your basket this week. New potatoes will be in your basket this week too. They are uncured, so the skin is quite easy to peel off. One of the advantages of buying local is getting to try crops in ways that you won’t often get at the supermarket. We hope you enjoy them.