Winter Happenings on the Farm

Ally, Abby, Mike and Hermik


Summer Shares for 2013 Now Available!!!

Welcome to 2013 on Belmont Acres Farm!

The goats and chickens are less than pleased with all the snow we’ve gotten, but even under two feet of snow there’s plenty for the farmers to do! Farmer Mike has been busy taking apart and reassembling the tractor for easier use this season. Although we contemplated upgrading, purchasing new equipment is expensive and challenging to find the tool that best meets our needs. We’ve decided, at least for the time being, to upgrade parts in an attempt to make ours easier to use. Mike’s currently working on trying to install hydraulics so that the plow is easier to use. Last season it was a little too challenging for some of the weaker members of the herd (yours truly), so hopefully this year it will be more accessible to all and we can divide the physical sufferings evenly!

We have been busy at work putting together seed orders and determining what to grow and where this year. We’re expanding our already plentiful potato crop with a few new and funky varieties with the intent of having new potatoes hopefully in early June and have picking out old favorites as well as some new experimental crops this year. We decided to not throw in the towel on artichokes just yet despite a challenging crop in 2012. The heat came at just the wrong time and we, unfortunately, didn’t have enough to put in shares let alone eat ourselves. We’re bringing back favorites like okra (yes, it’s a favorite!), lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, and snap peas, as well as expanding into new and unchartered territory! I’m most excited for black beans, parsnips, and hopefully a better crop of winter squash this year. We’re also doing our best to expand herb production and diversify our hot pepper selection! No matter the time of year, there’s always lots to be doing to keep up with the season!

This year, in addition to our 2012 crew we are excited to welcome Hadley Piper as our new intern for the 2013 season. Hadley comes to us from the Belmont community with a shared passion for creating an innovative and sustainable farm ecosystem, and we are excited to have new hands on deck to make this season even more fruitful than last!

Don’t forget to get your check in to be a part of the 2013 season with a CSA share, and stay tune for updates on stand hours and produce availability! We are excited to share this season with you all!