Week of July 9th CSA Update

It has been a brutally HOT and HUMID week! This weather is hard on plants, animals and people. Picking, storing and keeping the produce looking fresh takes much effort on these days.
The cauliflower we planted, covered with agribon and weeded several times did not produce before the heat and is in such bad shape, we won’t be able to put it shares. The heads are yellowing and splitting even at a very small size. Much of our lettuce has bolted, but we still have some varieties holding in the field. We plant diversity to mediate risk, but when we a lose crop, we lose the resources we put into the crop as well as the ability to put it in the shares.
Other crops flourish in the heat, for example zucchini is now in high production and will make its first appearance in your basket this week. Cobbler new potatoes will also be in shares this week. The tomato crop looks good so far and the sweet corn is tasseling and silking up,  we will keep you posted on their progress as the season moves along. We harvested garlic and shallots last week and they are curing in the barn. String beans and cucumbers are flowering and starting to produce and should be showing up in shares soon.
Think cool thoughts!